Shredded pork tacos + sliced green apples + pickled red cabbage + cheddar.

Shredded Pork:

1 lb – pork tenderloin
1 cup – chicken broth
1 small boiling onion
chili powder
lime juice

1. Place pork, onion and broth in medium pot and bring to a boil.

2. Cover and reduce heat. Simmer for 25 – 45 minutes. (Adding water if necessary.)

3. Shredded with pork with fork.

4. Season with chili powder and lime juice to taste.

Pickled Red Cabbage:

½ small red cabbage

⅔ cup – rice vinegar (and/or white vinegar, to preference)
⅓ cup – water
2tbsp – brown sugar
pepper (or whole peppercorns)
ground mustard

1. Finely chop red cabbage.

2. Fill 1qt bell jar with cabbage (or other container, as preferred)

3. Add all other ingredients.

4. Allow to sit at least 4 hours.



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